Bigg Boss 16: Bigg Boss house divided between TV actors and non-TV actors, the journey of the show will be difficult ahead!

The new season of television’s much-loved and controversial reality show Bigg Boss has been entertaining the audience since its inception. In every episode of the show, people are seeing many uproar and fights. The latest episode of the recently aired show saw a fierce fight between the family members. Not only this, during the fight, the housemates were also seen speaking words to each other, on which Bigg Boss also expressed a lot of displeasure.

In fact, in Tuesday’s episode, during the debate between Sreejita and Ghori, Ghori was judged on the basis of their background, while during the tussle between Archana and Soundarya, both were seen humiliating each other. Archana even called Soundarya a woman of two pennies while Soundarya tried to humiliate Archana by calling her a struggler. Not only the rest of the house members but also Bigg Boss got very angry due to such behavior in the house.

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On the other hand, Sajid while talking about the situation in the house said that two groups have formed in Bigg Boss house. One group is of TV actors and the other group is of non-TV actors in which I also come. Sajid said that TV actors look at non-TV actresses and think that how did these people come here, while non-TV actors, seeing TV actors, think that we are also not less than anyone. This is the reason that there is a debate going on between the people of both the groups.

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In the recent episode, angry with the discrimination regarding the background, Bigg Boss while talking to Captain Gautam of the house made it clear that everyone is equal in the Bigg Boss house. There is no discrimination against anyone on any basis here. Along with this, he asked Gautam to nominate the guilty members of the dispute in the house, on which Gautam nominated Ghori, Stan, Sreejita and Tina for this week. After these four members, now the members selected for nomination this week include Ghori, Stan, Sreejita and Tina besides Shaleen Bhanot.

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