Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam is entertaining the country, Salman Khan also said this big thing

This time in Bigg Boss season 16, Archana Gautam of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh is also included. While there was doubt about Archana’s staying in the house, Archana has taken her steps within two weeks in the Bigg Boss house. In the house, Archana is facing the rest of the contestants with impunity. Let us tell you that the people of the country are finding Archana very real. They are being liked a lot outside.

Actor Shekhar Suman came to Bigg Boss house during a task. Meanwhile, Shekhar praised Archana and said that the people of the country are feeling very good about you. People have given her the title of entertainment queen. The public is looking at him as a finalist.

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Archana has become everyone’s favorite inside and outside the house. Archana Gautam, a resident of Partapur, Meerut, started modeling from Meerut a few years ago, and she was elected Miss UP. He did BJMC course from IIMT in 2012. She wanted to become a journalist, but she was destined to become a model.

In Friday’s Vaar, actor Salman Khan also praised her and said that she is playing well. The rest of the contestants also consider him as their representative. Archana is illuminating the name of Meerut every day in the Bigg Boss house. She says Meerut people are no less than anyone. He is from Meerut, he is proud of it.

Bigg Boss also gave her a task, winning which Archana got a special gift. He has also become a lot of friends in the Bigg Boss house, with whom Archana accompanies his heart. His Sil Batta has also become very famous in the house. His decency in the house is attracting the people outside. People believe that Archana is a very grounded person. She takes pride in her language.

Bigg Boss said shut-up Archana

During a task, Bigg Boss asked all the family members to name a member who speaks the most in the house. And whom the family members want to call shut-up. Then all the family members took the name of Archana. After which Bigg Boss also called Archana shut-up and gave her a funny task to Archana. By winning which he got his favorite thing.

Let us tell you that Archana has worked in Bollywood before the show. She has been a student of journalism and has also participated in elections. Although she had to face a crushing defeat in the elections, but during this time she also remained in controversies many times. This time she will participate in the election of MP.

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