Bhojpuri star Pawan Singh’s wife gave a befitting reply to the trollers, said- ‘I have all the secrets’

Bhojpuri star Pawan Singh's wife gave a befitting reply to the trollers, said- 'I have all the secrets'

Pawan Singh is one of the famous stars of Bhojpuri cinema. Due to his acting, he rules the hearts of the fans. Pawan Singh is known for his songs and acting. But, these days he is also in discussion about his personal life. It is known to all that Pawan Singh’s married life is derailed. The actor’s wife Jyoti had recently filed a case in the court in lieu of maintenance. After this the fans of the actor started trolling Jyoti. Jyoti has lashed out at the troll. Along with this, he has also attacked the image of the actor.

Shared Post

Let us tell that amidst the news of Pawan Singh and Jyoti’s divorce, Jyoti Singh recently asked for maintenance from the actor, on which Jyoti was trolled fiercely. She was told that she was taking advantage of the actor’s fame. However, the trolls’ sharp comments do not seem to have any effect on Jyoti Singh. His intentions seem strong. She is not only facing bad situations in a strong way, but has also been seen giving a befitting reply to the trollers.

Caption caught my attention

Recently Jyoti has shared a post on social media. With this, she has posted some of her pictures, in which she is seen in a traditional look. The most surprising is the caption written with it. Jyoti Singh has written, ‘Don’t talk honesty with me, I am still the same. Of those people with secrets inside themselves, who are throwing mud in my name.’ It seems that Jyoti Singh has pointed fingers towards Pawan in gestures.

Users Gave Advice

However, Pawan Singh’s fans are seen advising Jyoti Singh in this post as well. Also commenting on his look. Actually, Jyoti Singh has put vermilion in the pictures shared. On this also some users are raising questions and asking why are you applying vermilion when divorce is about to happen? At the same time, some users are requesting Jyoti to stay with Pawan Singh. One user wrote, ‘If possible, please save the marriage.’ Another user wrote, ‘You and Pawan Bhaiya look great together.’ One user wrote, ‘If something happens to Bhaiya, it will be very wrong.’

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