Bhai Dooj 2022: Make Mushroom Manchurian in lunch, brother will also like the taste

After Diwali, the festival of brother and sister comes Bhai Dooj. In which brother goes to sister’s house. Where the sister worships him and feeds him food cooked by her own hands. If you also want to feed some delicious dish to your brother, then you can make Mushroom Manchurian. If the brother is fond of eating Chinese, then he will definitely like Mushroom Manchurian. Also it is not difficult to make. So let’s know how Mushroom Manchurian will be prepared.

Ingredients for Mushroom Manchurian

For the batter, you need half a cup of all purpose flour, three spoons of cornflour, ginger-garlic paste, half a spoon of black pepper, soy sauce. Half a cup of water

250 grams mushrooms, green onions finely chopped, green chilies finely chopped, two garlic cloves finely chopped, ginger finely chopped, black pepper powder, soy sauce, capsicum cut into pieces.

How to make Mushroom Manchurian

Firstly prepare the batter. For this, take out all the mixture of batter in a bowl. Mix flour, cornflour. Add ginger-garlic paste to it. Mix black pepper powder and soy sauce together and add water. Make the batter neither too thin nor too thick. Wash the mushrooms thoroughly. Heat oil in a pan for frying. Now dip the mushrooms in the batter and put them in the hot oil. Fry on medium flame till golden brown. Fry all the mushrooms and keep aside.

Now heat oil in another wok or pan. Add onion pieces and fry it. When they become golden in color, then add chopped green onion leaves, green chili, ginger, garlic all chopped in it. After frying all these things on low flame, add black pepper powder, salt and some sugar to it. Also add soy sauce to it. If you want manchurian with gravy, then cover it by adding a little water. When the water becomes thick after cooking, add all the fried mushrooms to it.

Mix well and cook covered for about three to four minutes. Delicious Mushroom Manchurian is ready. Serve it hot with noodles or rice.

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