Aye Zindagi Movie Review: An emotional story of life to come, this ‘operation’ of Anirban was successful

ae zindagi movie review

ae zindagi movie review
– Photo : Amar Ujala Bureau, Mumbai

Movie Review

oh life


Revathi, Satyajit Dubey, Mrinmayi Godbole, Shrikant Verma and Hemant Kher


Anirban Bose

the director

Anirban Bose

the creator

Shiladitya Bora

release date

14 October 2022

From Shriram Lagoo to Mohan Agashe and Aditi Govitrikar, there has been a long list of those who earned a name in Hindi cinema as an artist from the medical profession. Composer Arko, Palash Sen and singer Meiyang Chang are also doctors, but there is hardly any other instance when a doctor has decided to become a film director for a specific purpose. Such is the story of Anirban Bose, a doctor in America. He is a doctor (Nephrologist) in kidney related diseases by profession. Mohan went to the fundraising program of an organization to motivate people for organ donation and there he heard such a true story that he decided to make a film on it. Anirban has already written three books on stories stemming from his medical experiences, but this time the case was about spreading a message across the world that is not easy to prepare for others to understand.

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