Archana Gautam told Nimrit Kaur’s blood to be black, there was fierce debate between both the actresses

Bigg Boss 16 has been in discussion among the people since the beginning. In the show, the audience is getting to see fights and disputes every day. In this sequence, in the episode aired on Monday, once again the audience got to see fights and disputes between the family members. In the latest episode of the show, Kalesh was seen in Bigg Boss house as soon as morning. This time two actresses Nimrit Kaur and Archana Gautam became a part of this fight.

Actually, being disturbed by mosquitoes in the house, Archana appeals to everyone not to leave any door open. Jinimrit gets irritated when Archana says the same thing over and over again. Nimrit taunts Archana, who gets upset hearing the same thing every time, saying that the same thing was going on two hours ago and even when I have come back, the same thing is going on. Now just do it. Archana gets upset on Nimrit’s talk and tells Priyanka that the door should be closed, else they don’t want anything else.

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Not only this, during this Archana even said that your blood will be black, but I just want the door closed. Nimrit’s mercury also increased on the comment made about blood and she angrily tells Archana that I am telling the truth, do not make such comments on me in the morning. There is no need to call my blood black, look inside yourself. There is no need to pray early in the morning.

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Hearing Nimrit’s talk, Archana also got angry and she shouts to Nimrit that I was talking to Priyanka, why are you holding a leg in tatters. No to take footage. On this Nimrit says that I am not sticking to the feet, this voice of yours stings in everyone’s ears. Nimrit did not just stop here, after that she was also seen messing with Shiv Thakur. After an argument with Shiva, Nimrit starts crying, to which Shiva says that she is overacting. On this, Nimrit starts crying in the room shouting, where the rest of the house members are seen handling her.

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