Aquarius Weekly Horoscope (18 To 24 July 2022): Know how this week will be for Aquarius?

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope (20 To 26 June 2022): Know how this week will be for Aquarius?


This week is going to be mixed for the people of Aquarius. This week, sometimes the vehicle of your life will be seen hiccups and sometimes talking to the air. In the beginning of the week, a dispute with a family member regarding land, building etc. will cause your mental stress, but by the middle of the week, this matter will be resolved with the help of a senior person.

During this, any big achievement related to your children will also become the reason for your happiness. During this time, the journey made in connection with career and business will prove to be pleasant and profitable. However, during this time you will miss out on taking advantage of many opportunities due to laziness.

Be very careful in transactions in the second half of the week. During this, avoid giving loans to anyone or investing money in any scheme, otherwise your money may get stuck. This week you should avoid ignoring the feelings of your love partner to make your love relationship strong.

To clear any kind of misunderstanding with him, instead of dispute, resort to dialogue and minimize interference in his personal life. Married life will remain happy. In your difficult times, your life partner will stand by you like a shadow.

Measure: Worship Lord Shiva every day and donate food items to a disabled or poor person by reciting Shani Chalisa on Saturdays.

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