Anurag Kashyap: Anurag Kashyap returned to his old colors, said, ‘English speakers will make Hindi films…’

Anurag Kashyap, who directed the film ‘Manmarziyaan’ with actress Taapsee Pannu, who got the title of OTT queen, is now coming with her in the film ‘Do Baara’. The film has been produced by TV queen Ekta Kapoor and when the trailer of the film was launched in Mumbai on Wednesday, the film’s heroine Taapsee Pannu did not appear in the program. It is reported that she is busy shooting for her next film ‘Dunky’ with Shah Rukh Khan. Here Anurag is again seen trying to come back in his real avatar. After a long time, Anurag Kashyap was seen in the same mode in which he used to be before becoming the favorite director of corporate houses. He clearly said that if English speakers make Hindi films, then the fate of the films will be the same, which is happening these days.

‘Do Bara’ denied being a remake film

There has been an allegation about Anurag’s film ‘Do Bara’ that it is a remake of the foreign film ‘Miraj’, then Anurag Kashyap started his talk from here. He said, ‘I don’t believe in making remake films. I like to make films based on the original story. Right now the atmosphere of films is very confusing. People don’t understand what is going on right now. But it is clear that my film ‘Do Bara’ is not a remake of any film, yes, you can definitely call it an inspired film.

English movies are being made

These days, the way Hindi films in Bollywood seem to be dying one by one at the box office and South films are going on here. On this issue, Anurag Kashyap says, ‘We are not making films related to the land. Whatever films the South people make, they are land related films. If English speaking people make Hindi films here, then this will happen. We have forgotten to make films related to land. If ‘Gangubai’ and ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’ have worked, then the reason for the success of these films is that these films were land-based films.

Stupid to remake a classic film

It has been discussed for a long time that Anurag Kashyap is going to direct the Hindi remake of Hollywood’s famous director Quentin Tarantino’s classic action thriller ‘Kill Bill’ in which Kriti Sanon will play the character of American actress Uma Thurman. Refuting this news, Anurag Kashyap said, ‘As I already said that I do not make remake films. It’s stupid to remake any classic movie anyway. The film I am making with Kriti is definitely a revenge action film, but not a remake of ‘Kill Bill’.

no hit film formula

On the question of new experiments in Hindi cinema, Anurag Kashyap gave the example of his superflop film ‘Bombay Velvet’ and said, ‘I also did an experiment by making ‘Bombay Velvet’, what happened, you all know. Now even if I make ten more films, it will not be compensated. There is no formula to make a hit film. I myself do not make films thinking that my film will be a hit. My passion is to make good cinema, I will keep making that. Whether the audience likes it or not is their point of view.

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