Ank Jyotish 29 July: What will be your lucky number and auspicious color for Friday

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In the calculation of numerology, the radix of a person is the sum of the date of that person. For example, if a person was born on 23rd April, then the sum of the digits of his date of birth is 2+3=5. That is, 5 will be called the radix of that person. If someone’s date of birth is two digits i.e. 11, then his radix will be 1+1=2. Whereas the sum total of date of birth, month of birth and year of birth is called Bhagyank. For example, if someone is born on 22-04-1996, then the sum of all these numbers is called Bhagyank. 2+2+0+4+1+9+9+6=33=6 i.e. his fortune number is 6. By reading this numerology, you will be able to make your daily plans successful. Like daily numerology will tell you whether your stars are favorable for you on the basis of your radix or not. What challenges may you face today or what kind of opportunities can you get. By reading the daily numerology predictions, both of you can be prepared for the situation. So let’s know through numerology which is your radix, auspicious number and lucky color.

Issue 1

Today all your time will be spent in busyness. Can take tough decisions. The effect of which will be visible to you later. People associated with art, science and technology can get success. Good news can be received through children in the family.

Lucky Number – 14

Lucky color – light green

Fig. 2

There will be a day to make money. Wishes will come true. It is a good day to expand business work. Organize work smoothly. You may feel tired due to overwork. There may be concern about the health of the parents.

good number – 22

lucky color brown

Marks – 3

The day will be full of ups and downs. It is a good day to start new tasks. You will enjoy the romance with the lover. Enthusiasm will remain throughout the day. Travel can happen and expenses will also increase. But there can be trouble from the side of the child.

Lucky Number – 15

Lucky color – Lemon


Today your stars are pointing towards loss. Financial situation will not be in your favor. It will take time to strengthen the ties in the family. Maintain public relations among people. You can gift a gift to your beloved. Students need to work hard. There may be a dispute with the neighbor.

good number 11

lucky color red

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