Adnan Sami: Adnan Sami has been married four times, three relationships did not last even five years

Famous singer Adnan Sami, who has made the audience crazy with his melodious voice, is known for his songs across the country. Singer, who has been living in Pakistan for a long time, not only decided to live in India due to his love for India, but has even acquired citizenship of the country for it. It is a coincidence that Adnan, who loves India, also celebrates his birthday on the same day India got independence from the British. Adnan Sami, born on the country’s Independence Day i.e. 15th August, has turned 51 today. On this special occasion, know some special things about him-

Adnan Sami was born on 15 August 1971 in London. His father Adshad Sami Khan was from Pakistan while his mother belonged to an Indian Muslim family. This is the reason why he has always been inclined towards India. Apart from singing, Adnan is also adept at playing musical instruments. If reports are to be believed, Adnan plays more than 35 musical instruments. Apart from this, he has special proficiency in playing the piano. Adnan, who became popular due to his songs, was also in the news for his personal life.

Very few people would know that Adnan has married four times so far. Out of these four marriages, three relationships could not last more than five years. Not only this, the surprising thing is that Singer had married the same girl twice. There is one more thing related to Adnan that probably only very few people know. The singer also married the film Hina’s actress Jeba Bakhtiyar. The actress was just 22 years old when Adnan and Jeba got married. From this marriage she also gave birth to a son. However, this marriage of both of them broke up shortly after the birth of the child. After this, in the year 2010, he married Roya Sami Khan and both of them also have a daughter.

Apart from his marriage, Adnan was also in a lot of discussion about his transformation. Once upon a time, the weight of the singer was 230 kg. His weight had increased so much that doctors had even said that he would not be able to live for more than six months. But with his dedication and hard work, he made himself fit with fat. Surprisingly, Adnan had lost 165 kg without any surgery. After 15 months of hard work, everyone was surprised to see the singer. This amazing transformation of his remains in the discussion even today.

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