75 Years of Independence: From the first Oscar to the first shooting abroad, read the achievements of cinema after independence

These days the celebration of Amrit Mahotsav of Independence is being seen across the country. India, which became independent in 1947, is celebrating its 75th year of independence this year. On this special occasion, everyone from mango to special across the country is seen immersed in celebration. In the last 75 years, the country has earned a worldwide name in every field. Be it sports or science, India has got its iron established all over the world. Many big achievements have been seen in the cinema world after independence. On the occasion of completion of 75 years of independence, know about the achievements made by Indian cinema after independence-

first oscar

The 1958 film ‘Mother India’ was sent for the first time officially to the Oscars from India. However, even after reaching the victory, the film could not win the Oscar. At the same time, if we talk about the first Oscar received by the country, then the first Oscar was given to India by Bhanu Athaiya. He was given an Oscar in the Best Costume Designer category for the 1983 film ‘Gandhi’. Not only this, the film also won five other Oscars including Best Film Award and Best Actor Award.

First film to be shot abroad

Every year many films are made across the country. These films are made not only in Hindi but also in other regional languages. For a long time, Indian films have been shot abroad as well. Majority of Indian films are shot on foreign soil. On the other hand, if we talk about the first Indian film which was shot abroad, then this record was made by Raj Kapoor’s film ‘Sangam’. Raj Kapoor’s film Sangam, which came in 1964, was the first Indian film to be shot abroad.

Creation of new cinematography act

During the British rule in the country, films had become a great way to reach out to the people. In such a situation, the British Government enacted the Cinematography Act in 1918 to stop this effort. Under this act, the censor board used to remove those scenes from the films, which would have tarnished the image of the British. However, achieving a new achievement after independence, a new act was brought in 1952 by changing the Cinematography Act. Expression was given more importance in the Act. The change in the censor board after independence is considered an important achievement of Hindi cinema.

First Indian jury member at Cannes

Indian films have been a part of the Cannes Film Festival for decades. Although Chetan Anand’s film Neecha Nagar also won the award in this film festival in 1946. At the same time, talking about the first jury member, in 1950, 4 years after winning the award, Chetan Anand was elected a member of the international jury at this festival. He was the first Indian to be a member of this jury.

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